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Our love for basketball led us to create the most comprehensive and complete management platform tool for Βasketball Leagues and Tournaments with the ability to collect and share competition data, ranging from Team Standings to full and detailed game statistics.
Data is collected with the use of "StatApp©", our application for mobile and tablet devices while the data storage procedure is automated since the application is connected to Basketballstat.com where all data is stored and published for public view. Data is organized automatically in order to provide detailed and accumulated statistics per season, tournament, division, group, team, player etc.

Our aim is to improve the experience of players and teams participating in organized basketball leagues, with awesome statistics and create an unprecedented historical archive of any league that will last in time...

If you are an Association of Basketball Clubs, a Tournament Organizer or manage an independent Basketball League and you are interested to provide your participants with the experience of professional basketball leagues, that will increase your team retention rates, allow you to attract new teams and players and at the same time have a greater and more professional appearance in social media, then the Basketballstat.com together with the StatAppTour Αpplication is the ideal solution for you. Basketballstat.com, will help you manage your League, edit and create all divisions, groups, tournaments or cups, games, barrages, final four, play offs, teams, rosters, players etc. The Android StatAppTour application (soon available in IOS) will allow you to collect game statistics and by synchronizing the app to the site you upload all stats that are automatically accumulated to existing stats hence providing you with the most comprehensive game and statistics analysis.
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If, on the other hand, you represent or manage a Basketball Team, in any division, at an independent league, or a national league, and you are interested to record games' statistics in order to evaluate the teams and players performance, identify improvement possibilities, and create a historical and accumulated record of your team, players and game stats, then the Basketballstat.com platform with the application StatAppOneTeam is the best solution for you and your team.

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Basketball Statistics for 3x3 Urban Legends Tour 2016

3x3 Urban Legends

The final game of URBAN LEGENDS Tour 2016 took place on Sunday with great success and large spectator turnout. The winner was the team from Slovenia who competed against the team from Poland. The final score was 18-15. (see the statistics of the final) .

Basketballstat.com team was there and provided direct support in keeping statistics and instantly displaying statistics after each game on the website. The full statistics of all games (games in groups, Phase 8, Semi-final and Final game), with personal statistics for each player, the statistics of the teams, player rankings, teams ranking and game flow for each game, you may find at the following link:

Statistics for the Groups
Statistics for the Play Offs (phase 8, semi-final, final game)

Games Reportage

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